Genesis 13:10; Isaiah 15:5; Jeremiah 48:34 (the two prophetic texts so similar, one cannot help but wonder if one was simply [mis]quoting the other = a town on the southern shore of the Dead Sea more anciently called Bela (but see notes).

Genesis 19:22/30 names it as the place to which Lot fled with his daughters before (!) the destruction of the Cities of the Plain; it was here that his wife watched the devastation and became a pillar of salt. It was also here that the famous incest with his two daughters took place which resulted in the engendering of the Beney Mo-Av (Moabites) and Beney Amon (Ammonites).

Tso'ar means "small", whence we can presume it was a mere village, where Sedom and Amorah were larger walled cities.

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