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An unparalleled resource for non-faith commentary and exegesis of the Bible, for students and scholars of all ages.


with every page updated, based on all the work that has been done since the blog was first posted in November 2015. 

To see those files that are already available, simply click here and Surf the Site - you can find the SurfTheSite in the Navigation Bar on the right hand side of every page.

Currently you will find:

The Five Books of Mosheh (Moses) - text, translation, transliteration and commentary: Bere'shit (Genesis), Shemot (Exodus), Va Yikra (Leviticus), Be Midbar (Numbers), Devarim (Deuteronomy)

as well as a

"Dictionary Of Names" for the people and places referred to in those books

and a great deal more besides, including

Essays on specific subjects


Translations of major works from the wider realm of the Bible, such as the Egyptian "Am Tuat" and "The Tale of the Two Brothers".

The Book of Yehoshu'a (Joshua) - added, June 2019

Shophtim (The Book of Judges) - added, August 2019

The Ghetto of the Christians - added March 2020, with pages on every one of the "Lost" and "Forbidden" Gospels, and the four Canonical Gospels to follow shortly, as well as a full pre-history of Jesus, setting the religious and political context of his epoch.

The five key books from the epoch of the writing down of the Tanach, collected under the shared title "The Book of the Return from Exile":

Ezra, Chagai (Haggai) and Zechar-Yah: added June 2020

Nechem-Yah (Nehemiah) and Malachi, (Zechariah) are in process of completion, as well as a detailed account of the writing of the Tanach at that time and a narrative "walking tour of Biblical Jerusalem". 

Yesha-Yahu (Isaiah) and Tehilim (Psalms) will then follow, but may take a little longer.

How will I know what is original and what is the update?

Very simple: if the text uses the word "Hebrew", it's the original; if instead is uses the word "Yehudit", it has been updated.

If the Transliteration is in unbolded purple, and the King James likewise, it's the original; if, instead, the Transliteration is in Bold, and the King James in either Brown or Burgundy Red, it has been updated.

If the copyright at the foot of the page does not have the Argaman helix logo, it's the original; if it does, it has been updated.

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