Genesis 14:5 names the Zuzim as the aboriginal inhabitants of Amon. They may be the same people as the Zamzumim (זמזמים), referred to in Deuteronomy 2:20 as a now extinct race of giants from the region of Amon. Zamzumim was an onomatopoeic word meaning "to buzz" or "murmur" or "hum" or "make a noise". Zuz (זוז) on the other hand means "to move" and is usually used of cattle; so there is no radical connection, but quite possibly in dialect, or folk-lore (I can easily imagine the folk I used to live beside in Zummerzet referring to Devonshire folk in much the same manner, back in the days of Fra Angelus).

1 Chronicles 4:37 and 2 Chronicles 11:20 both have a character named Ziza (זיזא) whose name may be connected, her name includes an aleph (א), which Zuzim does not, but the Zuzim are Aramaic speakers, so the aleph ending is one we expect.

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